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Pulmonary Rehab Support Group Meeting

Exercise and Your Health

August 2nd, 2022 1:30 PM MST

Breathe Strong is proud to partner with author and educator Marilyn Klingler RN, B.S., M.Ed. on her informative and helpful online support group meetings. This month she welcomes Ruben Garcia, MS, exercise physiologist and president of the AACVPR, who works in cardiac and pulmonary settings.  He will present some up to date info on the impact of lung disease on muscle development along with strategies and value of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise on your lungs and on your overall health. He will talk about the fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers, affecting energy levels  and your ability to lift and carry weight.

It is normal to slough off on our exercise especially when we feel tired, the weather is too hot, and our schedules are just too busy. That is why it is important to hear what Ruben has to say about what is going on in our bodies and what impact certain types of exercise can have on our energy level, our breathing and our overall wellbeing.


Hosted by Marilyn Klingler 


Marilyn Klingler RN, B.S., M.Ed. is a nurse and a health educator who has practiced nursing for 40 years in several specialties including intensive care, emergency, cardiac and pulmonary specialties. She has given presentations at hospital and community groups throughout Arizona and is the author of Triumph Over Lung Disease.


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