Good afternoon,

As leaders of the COPD-Lung Health Community of Patients and Respiratory Therapists, I thank each of you and your organizational teams in serving the lung health education needs to some of the most vulnerable Americans who are at risk for the current health crisis we are facing. We are all in this war against this virus together to protect our current lung disease population, whether Asthma, COPD, Alpha-1, or Pulmonary Fibrosis.

I am honored to share that our COPD Breathe Strong Team is going to expand our social media website outreach platform starting tomorrow, April 21rst, with a 4pm, daily, Monday-Friday. We also plan on a 30-60 minute live offering, “Breathe Strong Today.” Our goal is to be a support for patients not able to attend support groups of pulmonary rehabilitation programs outside their homes.

The “ABCs” of each days conversation will be hosted by a Respiratory Therapist, targeted to patients and caregivers with the focus of:

A- Avoid Worry and Anxiety
B- Be Not Afraid, Be Strong, Be Courageous
C- Caring for My Lung Health at Home

Thank you for reading and I look forward to connecting with you!