Today’s Headlines News Include-

“In Rare Move, U.S. Intelligence Agencies Confirm Investigating if Coronavirus Emerged From Lab Accident”
                         Wall Street Journal

“’This Never Happened’ Biden Says Of 1990s Sexual Assault Allegation”
                         NPR Morning Radio

Today, we are reminded that we are navigating a world of accusations, denial, and influencing international and national governments, politics, reflecting the moral corruption of our times. A very appropriate time to getting back to basics of confronting worry, anxiety, and fear with peace, courage, strength, and wisdom.


A- Avoiding Worry

“A burden we are not created to carry, original biblical Greek word means “to divide the mind”

                         Max Lucado, Author of “Traveling Light”


B- Be Not Afraid, Be Strong, Be Courageous

“Encouragement and enthusiasm from other patients, and community have been fundamental source of strength and courage,” says Edna Fiore, Colorado COPD Patient and Advocate Leader.


C- Caring for Your Lung health, and Each Other, at Home

Remember the Seven Healers – Wisdom for COPD Living

Review and consider, the tips from Edna Fiore, Colorado COPD Patient and Advocate Leader, from her article COLLABORATIVE CARE: Self-Management for Empowerment, Colorado Lung Health Connection:

Self-management support is based on the idea of creating a partnership between the clinician and the patient.

One of the principles of self-management is that the patient needs to be actively involved in managing his/her health.

The ultimate goal is to enable patients to live as normal and full a life as possible. COMMUNICATION is the key to successful self-management.

1. Establish a Focus
2. Share Information
3. Develop Shared Goals
4. Develop an Action Plan
5. Use Problem-Solving Techniques