Today’s Headlines News Include-

“In an empty Iowa mall, chef toils to feed souls – Inspired by her American dream, faithful customers keep her afloat”
                         —USA Today

“Naples Philanthropist Dies From Virus at 76” – Patricia Gibbons and her husband served as trustees for Southwest Florida
                         —Naples Daily News (Southwest Florida Newspaper)


A- Avoiding Worry

In Des Moines, Iowa, Vietnam Café, Chef Brenda Tran is part mama bear, part perpetual party host. Born in Vietnam, she considers the “walkers”* at Merle Hay Mall her “American parents.” *A great exercise for COPD

“Sometimes people will come here eat lunch, take a nap, wake up and eat dinner. But you know, that’s fine because they are enjoying two meals with me.” Brenda Tran


Pat and Dave Gibbons

Pat and Dave Gibbons

B- Be Not Afraid, Be Strong, Be Courageous

Patricia and David Gibbons began going steady when they were 15. Through almost 55 years of marriage, they shared 22 home and raised 4 sons. The couple had to say goodbye for the last time via Facetime, more than a thousand miles apart because of COVID-19. “Not being able to be there was a very traumatic way to end”, David Gibbons said. “I said my goodbyes to my Pat using the iPad after all these years. We had a crazy, magical life together.”

“Pat was one of the most enthusiastic and caring people I’ve ever met.”
Maria Jimenez-Lara- Naples Children & Education Foundation CEO

C- Caring for Your Lung health, and Each Other, at Home and in the Community

Today’s headlines and stories are great illustrations of caring for ourselves and others from two distinct approaches
Brenda Tran not only courageously left her homeland to America for her family, but also has given her talents to offer respite and dining to her community “walkers” (probably a good number of Lung Health Community folks), but also has shared her purpose and grown relationships with her community.

Pat Gibbons shared her compassion with her family, community, less than advantaged children, as well as professional healthcare service as a nurse earlier in her life.

Charles Colson authored a book a number of years ago that I would recommend, call “The Good Life.”

Both Brenda and Pat have taught us all what a “Good Life” may look like!