A Word of Thanks from Bob

In order to bring you up to date, regarding the absence of “Breathe Strong Today” posts in the past 2 months, I would like to update the COPD Breathe Strong Community.

On June 3rd, while on family vacation in Western North Carolina,  I experienced an episode of chest pain and fatigue. This episode was actually a myocardial infarction (heart attack) and first time heart beat problem, (Atrial Fibrillation). Thanks to both the great North Carolina-UNC Pardee Hospital in diagnosing and stabilizing the heart vessel blockages and heart beat problems June 3-5th, and the Sarasota Memorial Florida Cardiac Team with their wonderful surgical and postoperative care  June 16th-20th.

I am well on my way to complete recovery of my heart health, and my family and I are very grateful to the NC and FL Health Care Teams, and the prayers and thoughts of the many friends during this time.


Breathe Strong Updates 

Our new guide format for the 2020 COVID needs, and new Seven Healers Action Plan format is now a reality! In addition, we will be launching  in the very near future, scheduled weekly webinars based on the Breathe Strong Guide and Action Plan.  These webinars are designed to help Support Groups, Pulmonary Rehab Programs, as well as indivuidual patients/caregivers, and providers!


Breathe Strong Today Changes

We are pleased to welcome a new Breathe Strong Team Contributor, who will be working with Bob on the new WEEKLY Breathe Strong THIS WEEK Posts. We are very fortunate to announce that Jane Rubinov, RRT, will be a co-contributor to the new weekly Breathe STRONG THIS WEEK format. Jane brings both a great skill set and experience of a 40 year career Respiratory Therapist, Educator, Author, and Community Asthma Leader. We are blessed with her passion, empathy, and excellent communication skills.

Most of all, THANK YOU, the COPD BREATHE STRONG Community for your caring and support for yourselves and your communities!