Despite the universal illusion of the single warrior destroying the beast and saving the world, the hero does not accomplish great things alone. You are not in this alone. We all support each other. And by supporting each other, we help ourselves. 

Neil Armstrong took the first step on the moon, but it didn’t happen overnight. It took a lot of preparation and hard work by him and thousands of others. 

But, all the support in the world cannot make you change. It cannot do the walk. You are still the one who has to choose that goal and carry it out. That first step is the most important; it starts you moving. And with each step forward, you are closer to the summit. How do you connect with your inner power? One simple step at a time.

We all dance to a different drum beat. The rate at which we grow and change is unique. And sometimes, we get stuck in the muck and feel paralyzed, unable to make a decision. 

John had always been a runner, head of the track team in college; he even set some new records while he was there. After college, he kept running, right up the ladder of promotions and successes.  Then, COVID -19 hit. Young at 58 and pretty healthy overall, he assumed that he would bounce back in no time, just like the flu a few years before when he had been too busy at work to get his flu shot.

John didn’t bounce back. After a sudden episode of breathlessness and fatigue at home, he was admitted to the hospital intensive care unit. Attached to a ventilator, with IV lines and monitor wires he struggled for breath.   When he finally made it home, he carried an oxygen tank and a box of machines and pills.  

John felt finished. His career, his independence, his energy was gone. Settling into his big boy lounge chair, tethered to his oxygen, one day flowed to the next. No laughter, no eagerness to live, no running.

It wasn’t until John stepped into pulmonary rehab that he saw a glimmer of hope. With the support of the team John moved forward. One step at a time. 

John was elated. More elated than all the marathons in the past. He rediscovered that hidden hero inside, afraid but determined.  Those first few steps were the beginning of John’s journey to a new, richer life.  

How do you unlock that strength that makes some people able to move mountains?

One step at a time.