“By the time I finish my shower in the morning, I am completely exhausted! How can I get through my day and simply do the things I need to do? 

Fatigue is a common complaint with people suffering with lung issues. Many become worn out before the day begins. 

How can you stretch your daily allotment of energy so that you can accomplish more?

It’s all a matter of minding your Ps and Ps. 


Plan on getting up a little earlier if you know you have a busy day coming up. What is your schedule for the day? What will you need? With that extra few minutes, you have time to rest after your shower. That terrycloth robe wrapped around you dries you as you sit on the toilet and relax. You can practice your breather right there as well, clearing your lungs for the day.


Clothes for the day are already set in front of you.  The coffee is ready to perk as soon as you push the button and the breakfast muffin sits right next to your waiting coffee cup. Keys, wallet and phone lie together ready to be grabbed on the way out to the car. 


So far, you pause at the bedside before getting up, taking your morning inhaler. Again you sit after your shower, clearing your lungs. Then again, when you enjoy a leisurely breakfast, pausing to enjoy the morning sky. 


As soon as you wake up, you recognize that today is maybe not one of your best days. Maybe you can hold off on stopping at the supermarket until tomorrow. Or maybe ask your neighbor to pick up a few groceries. You know that she would be happy to help.  

Maybe you are a morning person and by the afternoon, you are dragging. Organize your day so that the priority items on your list are done in the morning and whatever is left for the afternoon, if you are too tired, can be done the next day. 


Reaching up, bending down, pulling can sap your energy quickly. Luckily you have organized your kitchen so that those items you use on a daily basis are within an arms reach of your chair. Prepping your meals becomes easy when you can simply gather your materials, sit at the island, chop, mix, measure, and pour. The lazy susan nearby holds your often used condiments. The grabber is within reach.

Pursed-lip Breathe

Pulling the cart of groceries into the house can be hard work. Luckily, you remember to go slow, and practice your pursed lip breathing, stopping and resting when you feel tired or out of breath.


Because you previously organized your clothes, your breakfast, your wallet and keys the night before, you can easily go about your morning routine without rushing. Having set the alarm ten minutes earlier, you don’t worry when traffic is bad or you receive an unexpected phone call.  You have time to carry out your routine and still arrive at pulmonary rehab a few minutes early to catch up with everyone before you start. You arrive with a smile, and a joke, relaxed and ready for exercise.