Happy Pulmonary Rehab Week!

An Update From Our Friends at the COPD Foundation

The Top 10 Things Pulmonary Rehabilitation Did For Me

Ken, a member of our vibrant COPD360social online community, was diagnosed with COPD in 2010. Thankfully, through the care of his clinician and a referral for pulmonary rehabilitation, he has maintained a highly active life. Learn more about the benefits of pulmonary rehabilitation from Ken’s story.

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Virtual Pulmonary Rehabilitation:

A Helpful Tool For a New Era

While COVID-19 may have increased the need for virtual pulmonary rehab, the interest in and value of these programs has always been present. Virtual pulmonary rehab has been a helpful resource for patients who either didn’t have access to a pulmonary rehab program in their community or were unable to travel to a local in-person program. Unfortunately, Medicare coverage of these programs is currently at risk. Learn more about potential impacts to our community and how you can help in the COPD Foundation PRAXIS Nexus.

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Poor Sleep Quality and Air Pollution

Poor sleep quality is common in patients with COPD. In addition, individuals with COPD are also vulnerable to air pollution exposure.

Researchers in the SPIROMICS study explored the relationship between air pollution exposure and sleep quality in individuals with COPD. They found that exposure to air pollution increases the risk for poor sleep quality, particularly in those who currently smoke and those who are overweight-obese.


Read more in Ambient Air Pollution Exposure and Sleep Quality in COPD in the current issue of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases: Journal of the COPD Foundation

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The Importance of Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is extremely important for managing your health. It can help lower stress levels, lower your chances of getting sick, and of course, feel less tired. If you are having trouble sleeping, we have tips and strategies in our latest check-in on sleep hygiene that may be able to help you find those much needed Zs!

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Eating Well to Support Breathing

Healthy eating is important for everyone, but especially for those with COPD and related lung conditions. Some foods, even “healthy” ones, can interact with medications or aggravate other health conditions, making your breathing worse. This check-in discusses some tips for identifying the best diet for you and the importance of paying attention to how foods make you feel.

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ATS Patients & Experts Forum

The American Thoracic Society’s Public Advisory Roundtable (PAR) is pleased to invite our community to their 17th annual free patient/family education day event on Saturday, May 20th in Washington, DC.

This year’s talks will focus on providing pulmonary healthcare access for all. The COPD Foundation’s Dr. Courtney Crim will be on site to answer your questions about COPD in the Q&A session!

If interested in attending, please email your First Name, Last Name, City, & State to PAR@thoracic.org.

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