Did you know that the technology in today’s oxygen concentrators is basically unchanged from oxygen tech from the 1970s? We need to do better! Join us to raise awareness and support for those on oxygen therapy leading up to #WorldOxygenDay on October 2nd.

For the last 40 years, supplemental oxygen therapy has been a mainstay treatment for millions of people of all ages living with respiratory problems. These people rely upon oxygen therapy to relieve the symptoms like breathlessness and limited activity caused by chronic problems like COPD, as well as more acute conditions like pneumonia and sleep problems. Despite its ability to add years to people’s lives and life to their years, advancements in oxygen therapy technology have been very slow to happen. The COVID-19 pandemic made the problem even worse by increasing the demand for oxygen equipment as well as straining supply chains. Many people who could benefit from oxygen therapy do not use it as prescribed because of the inconvenience, the cost, or the stigma that can be attached to it.

There are simply too many systemic challenges for people to use oxygen therapy effectively to live their best lives. World Oxygen Day was created to change that.

Sign up to get involved: copdf.co/worldO2Day

Learn more about World Oxygen Day: www.worldoxygenday.org