Vision Statement

Taking Charge To Breathe Strong Through Daily Connecting, Engaging, and Empowering By Educating COPD Community Patients, Caregivers and Clinicians.

COPD Breathe Strong is a coalition of groups working together to offer education and support through a network of  providers, patient and caregivers, via local meetings, training events and resources. 

COPD Breathe Strong Coalition is a coordinated effort to educate, encourage and assist providers, patients and caregivers via local and regional meetings, newsletters and social media. Through these actions we hope to promote a healthier COPD community.

We integrate world class best practices, technology, research and compassion in our mentoring, providing optimal health and sustainability for the future of the COPD Community.

The Physician Medical Advisor ensures a safe and effective direction towards that healthier community goal. Patient Advocates and Health Care Professional Teamworkers will support the Development and evolution of regional and statewide implementation.