Today’s Headlines News Include-

“USA’s meatpacking plants ideal virus breeding ground”  Close quarters in meatpacking plants – Risky conditions have long plagued industry. 

                         —USA Today

“Ceremony Honors Service, Sacrifice”  Veteran surprised with parade on 90th birthday.

                         —Naples Daily News (Southwest Florida Newspaper)


A- Avoiding Worry

National concerns of potential food supply chain with risks of increased breeding and spread of virus at meatpacking plants. Thankfully the responses of increased testing and treatment have helped to reduce worry of both the frontline meat producers, as well as general public consumers  


B- Be Not Afraid, Be Strong, Be Courageous

Local East Naples Florida Veteran who courageously served in the Army Air Corps, as a gunner on the B-29 Superfortess, in Guam. Vincent Delmore shared his surprise of being honored on his 90th birthday. He expected a quiet 90th birthday on Memorial Day. He did not  expect a parade of patrol cars and friends through his East Naples neighborhood, family visit and community party. “It was a complete surprise,” Delmore said.

“I’m working on 100 now,” Vincent said to every friend and family member who commented on his new nonagenarian status. But more than his service to his country, Vincent shared the his most pride comes from his family, including 5 children, 17 grandchildren and 20 great-grandchildren, with two expected. “One memory that stands out is going underneath the Golden Gate Bridge, as a 17-year old kid, that was pretty damn exciting.”


C- Caring for Your Lung health, and Each Other, at Home and in the Community

COPD Foundation Webinar, May 21, 2020 

Does the COVID-19 Pandemic Change COPD Management?

Have we learned new information about steroids, azithromycin & COVID-19?

MeiLanHan, MD, Professor of Medicine, University of Michigan


1. Will steroids like prednisone or inhaled corticosteroids make COVID-19 worse?

There is no evidence to suggest that COPD treatment should change during the COVID-19 pandemic

If you are hospitalized with a COPD flare and found to have COVID-19, there is no evidence to suggest the treatment for the COPD flare should be different


2. If I take azithromycin to prevent COPD exacerbations, will it also protect me from catching COVID-19?  Will it help or hurt if I do catch it?

If you were prescribed azithromycin to prevent COPD exacerbations, there is NO reason to discontinue it due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Preventive azithromycin does NOT protect you from catching COVID-19

There is no known role for antibiotics in treating COVID-19 UNLESS a secondary bacterial infection develops