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Breathe Strong is pleased to partner with Harry Leen, RRT, MPH. Harry is the author of “The Respiratory Therapist as Disease Manager” and a continuum of care coordinator at Ascension St. Vincent’s Riverside in Jacksonville, Florida. He has served in the profession of respiratory care in the capacity of patient care, management, education, and case management for four decades. He is a member of the American Association for Respiratory Care and the Florida Society for Respiratory Care. Harry received his respiratory therapy technician certificate at the College of Boca Raton; his Bachelor of Science degree from Western Michigan University; and his Master of Public Health degree from the University of North Florida.

The Respiratory Therapist as Disease Manager serves as a concise and informative knowledge base for disease management in the practice of respiratory therapy.  Written for both students and practicing clinicians, this a foundational resource for the Respiratory Therapist who desires to augment their acute care and technical skills with a knowledge base that will enable them to competently perform the duties of a Pulmonary Disease Manager.  Fully equipped with case management, patient-education, and self-management content, there is no other textbook like this on the market.

The Respiratory Therapist as Disease Manager promotes the concept of behavioral modification in patients through education in conjunction with counseling. Education in and of itself is necessary but not sufficient to increase a patient’s ability to manage their chronic disease and thus optimize their quality of life. A more advanced knowledge of chronic respiratory diseases, such as pulmonary hypertension, is presented and focuses on those aspects of each disorder which are relevant to the practice of disease management, such as epidemiology, clinical considerations, and patient education as well as counseling. Factors that are essential to disease management, such as patient adherence to treatment regimens, are discussed as well as specific strategies to resolve self-management inadequacies. The Respiratory Therapist as Disease Manager fills the void of the respiratory therapy curriculum where disease management will be a core competency.

  • A comprehensive chapter-by-chapter PowerPoint deck
  • A test bank containing questions on a chapter-by-chapter basis
  • Answers to the in-text and additional Case Studies
  • Case Studies that focus on such topics as care transition and patient counseling are available online as writeable PDFs
  • Answers to the Test Your Knowledge questions that conclude each chapter
  • Key Points are available for each chapter to reinforce essential concepts

“I have encountered many people during the course of my training and career, but Harry is one of the most dedicated and caring individuals I have met. His devotion to others is second to none. Harry has the ability to connect with our patients during their most weak and vulnerable moments. He is a resource and teacher for many in the respiratory field. I have worked with Harry for years, and heas been a driving force for change within our health system. Together we have developed educational tools and programs for our respiratory patients, which have ultimately led to better patient outcomes.”

Jose Soto-Soto, MD
Chief of Pulmonary and Critical Care

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