Empowering patients to achieve their absolute highest quality of life by learning how to lessen and reverse the effects of their disease and to effectively manage its associated symptoms.

The Pulmonary Wellness Foundation aspires to setting new standards in healthcare, being the place where individual patients’ needs are considered and addressed, where education and lifestyle change are the driving forces behind living well despite one’s disease and where care is approached holistically, favoring the whole being rather than simply the sum of various clinical aspects of illness.

By supporting the clinical research efforts and free educational programs of Dr. Greenspan and the Pulmonary Wellness & Rehabilitation Center in New York City, the Foundation has touched the lives of thousands of people with a variety of prevalent, rare, and ultra-rare pulmonary diseases worldwide.

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Pulmonary Wellness has always put the care of our patients at the epicenter of everything we do.

By removing financial and geographical barriers, thus democratizing care, by empowering patients through education and by recognizing that each patient has unique needs, the Pulmonary Wellness Foundation is leading the charge for more humane care: the greatest possible gift to patients and caregivers alike!

“There was a great need for information about lung diseases, and this not only fills that need, but helps us to better understand our disease, and the education and overall education is well worth my donation. It also will bring more educational videos and webinars so we will learn more about these diseases that have had very little if any information.”

Brenda R.

“One of the most informative sites pertaining to lung disease along with the COPD Foundation 360 site. This is an excellent source for patients and families to gain a better understanding, to get support and to be kept up to date.”

Michelle CF

“One of the best sites for anyone wanting to learn more…. about respiratory problems, illnesses regarding the lungs, how to breathe better, an overall understanding of the body, how it works, and what we can do to improve our own bodies… also how we can explain what is happening to others about us in general…”

Diana F

“Noah is knowledgeable, credible, up-to-date on pulmonary issues as well as aligned with a host of pulmonary experts which he spotlights as guests for the weekly forums for us. He spends time with each question we ask, big or small, and we all feel heard. He truly cares about helping us.”

Judi R

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