PF Warriors believes in the power of peer-to-peer support. Our members know what it’s like to wake up every day with lung disease and struggle to live with your “new normal” life. We are here to help you by answering questions and sharing the latest advances in disease management. Perhaps most importantly, we support each other through the ups and downs of living with PF. We are your “ear to listen” and the “shoulder to lean on.”

PF Warriors  is an international support group for patients with pulmonary fibrosis (PF) and other forms of interstitial lung disease (ILD) and their family members and caregivers. Our goal is to provide education, inspiration and support to our members and to each other. Our efforts are supported by a team of world-renowned pulmonologists and research scientists who work tirelessly to advance the field of lung disease.

Our motto is “Patients Helping Patients,” and our mission is to provide the tools and resources for ILD patients to live their best life possible despite the diagnosis of advanced lung disease. Our efforts are supported by a team of world-renowned pulmonologists and research scientists who work tirelessly to advance the field of lung disease.

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Our goal is to serve members with up-to-date knowledge, resources, and tools for living with lung disease.

Meeting and hearing good news from research experts is truly inspiring. PF Warriors are among the first to learn of medical breakthroughs in global efforts to find ways to halt pulmonary fibrosis. New knowledge on the PF front carries over to research related to fibrosis in other organs. Likewise, findings from research on fibrosis in other vital organs may provide keys to discovering new ways to slow or halt the progress of pulmonary fibrosis.

There is always time for fellowship whenever warriors get together. It is healthy to share concerns and gain strength from others. Our active members say that they also benefit by helping others better understand and cope with the changes to daily life often required by PF. Whether you are a brand-new patient or an ‘old hand,’ you are sure to learn information to help you better understand and cope with PF.

“Great support group! Well-led by people who truly care.”

Gary W.

“A great place to get true and correct information, support, and ask your questions.”

Kelly W.

“Great Support Group with active membership. Vast knowledge base and great organization.”

Jim M.

“PF Warriors is a great resource and support for individuals with PF and their families.”

Debbie S.

“A wonderful group of IPF warriors, family and caregivers. Always there for you with encouragement, concern and willing to share their own experience”

Melanie S.

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