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Patient-focused expertise and advanced airway clearing devices.

Effective airway clearance devices

Our experienced team, including licensed nurses and respiratory therapists, helps patients and healthcare providers get the most from our advanced airway clearance devices, including Philips InCourage vest therapy and Philips Respironics CoughAssist T70.

Clinically proven benefits

Physicians prescribe secretion clearance devices for people with chronic respiratory conditions who have difficulty clearing their airways on their own.

Respirtech Stories

Solutions and support to help you breathe easier

RespirTech helps patients, caregivers and healthcare providers breathe easier with proven technology and the assistance of our licensed respiratory specialists.

I couldn’t walk across the room, take a shower or get dressed without losing my breath before I used this system. I [now] use this system three times a day for 30 minutes. [It has] eliminated the need for antibiotics for constant lung infections.* It’s been 1.5 years since my last lung infection. It used to be every two months.”

*Individual results may vary

William S

“The service has been great. The staff has helped us navigate the health insurance maze and if we ever have questions, we get a very prompt response. I highly recommend the InCourage system.”

Jennifer F

“Anyone with COPD or bronchiectasis knows how debilitating it can be – it completely wipes you out. Antibiotics were a way of life for me. Once I received my [Philips] InCourage therapy vest, within the first week I noticed that clearing my lungs was extremely easy. No antibiotics*, no lung infections since starting using the vest.”

* Individual results may vary

Autum E

“I had been coughing up stuff from my lungs, there was a rattle in my breathing [and] I had a couple bouts of pneumonia. A month after starting [InCourage vest therapy], my lungs cleared rather suddenly with no more rattle.”*

*Individual patient results may vary


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