Your Personal Breathing Coach

PEP Buddy is a small, easy-to-use, hands-free, device held in the mouth. By breathing out through PEP Buddy, exhalation is prolonged, and your breathing rate slows. PEP Buddy is a simple, innovative, and portable medical device that reduces breathlessness so you can increase your activity level.

What is PEP Buddy?

 A light-weight, handsfree, positive expiratory pressure (PEP) device

 Attached to a lanyard for easy accessibility and held in mouth like a whistle

 Designed for use during activities and rest

 Various grades of PEP available

How It Works

PEP-Buddy works through 4 mechanisms:

1  It provides positive pressure during exhalation (back pressure), which keeps the airways open to prevent air trapping and airway collapse.

2  It slows down the respiratory rate.

3  It prolongs exhalation time.

4 It provides a point of focus for breathing.

Breath in through the nose

Breath out through PEP Buddy

These mechanisms help reduce dynamic hyperinflation and its consequences during activities. Hence improving dyspnea, oxygenation, and exercise tolerance. Such breathing pattern also help reduce stress and anxiety.

Which PEP buddy to use?

Level 1: 4 holes
PEP 4cm H2O, Resp rate ↓ 20%

Easier to use
Better for beginners

Level 2: 3 holes
PEP 7cm H2O, Resp rate ↓ 40%

Better for advanced users
Those who practice pursed-lip breathing

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