Take Your Oxygen Tank in the Pool

OxyFloats from OxyFit allows people to bring their oxygen tank into a pool thus giving them freedom they wouldn’t otherwise have.

Unique and lightweight floatation device designed to carry one small portable oxygen tank so a person using supplemental oxygen can easily be in a pool with their tank floating alongside them.

Floats freely.



Simple yet effective design.

Float Freely With OxyFloats!

“Without your AMAZING device, this day would have never happened! Thank you from the extreme bottom of our hearts for the thought and creation of this device. It has definitely changed, and made more normal, the lifestyle of a 12 year old girl and this family in West Virginia.”
Justin, Jenny & Jenna, West Virginia

“As soon as I discovered OxyFloats, I petitioned the YMCA Cape Cod for reasonable accommodations. I now use and highly recommend OxyFloats. It has allowed me to safely return to my happy place.”

Dorothy, Massachusetts
“Pool therapy freedom for those with chronic lung conditions! The OxyFloats arrived on the day we had 3 people scheduled for Aqua Therapy that are O2 dependent. As we were so excited to use it, we used it with all 3 patients and they loved it.”
Laureen, Port Charlotte Rehab Center, Florida
“I was overwhelmed with excitement. I was originally concerned what others may think, but once I got in the water, I didn’t care. I missed being in the water and now I can again!”
Susan, Colorado

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